Gathering Sky

Yaca Gathering Sky Gathering Sky is the most famous version in the Gathering Sky series of publisher A Stranger Gravity
Veivaqaqai A Stranger Gravity
Mataqali Mataqali Vata Ilakolako
Kena iVakadewa 1.0
iVakadewa ni MOD 1.0
Levu taucoko ni ilavo sa vakacurumi 5,000
iVakadinadina ni Lewena Amerika: Veitabayabaki kece
Vakavoui September 29, 2015
Vakayadrati iko Vakatagitaka na Sitoa
Android Android Ilakolako
4.5 ( 686 ivakatagedegede ni vakatagedegede )
Kena iSau: $0

Guide a flock of birds on a playful journey across the sky. Dance in the winds of a far-away world and create an emotional story without words.

The world is brought to life by an original score performed by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

The experience is enjoyable with any skill level and can be finished in under an hour.

Fly with us.

Gathering Sky is best enjoyed on an Android 7″-10″ tablet. Small phones or screens not recommended.


“Shed the need for goals, and embrace the pleasant.”Rock Paper Shotgun

In the hectic insanity of the gaming world, it’s a much-needed moment of rest and peace” – Hardcore Gamer

“Simple and transfixing all at once”

“Gathering Sky will take you to your happy place.”The Daily Dot

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4.5 🧑 624 kena levu
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  • Me raici na CPU kei na IVV ni iyaya ni Android, yalovinaka vakayagataka CPU-Z parokaramu

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